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We, at all times, comply with all laws, maintain health of our company, pursue profits, and contribute to the society. Each member correctly understands the business of our company and performs day-to-day business according to this Code of Conduct.

1.General Provisions

We comply with laws and social norms and perform fair, transparent, free and healthy business activities.

2.Relationship with Society

�In conducting international business activities, we provide cooperation in, among other things, transferring know-how and developing human resources, promote friendship with other companies, groups and the entire society, and thereby contribute to the development of each country.
�We not only comply with international rules and local laws, but also respect local culture and customs and act in a way to contribute to the development of the local community.
�We disclose any appropriate information to the society and undertake transparent and healthy business activities.
�We, at all times, pay special attention to the safety and make efforts for the prevention of any accident.

3.Relationship with Customers, Business Connections and Competitors

(1) Confidential corporate information and personal information
We do not leak to any outsider, during the employment as well as after the termination of employment, any confidential corporate information including that of our company and personal information.
(2) Fair trade
�We conduct equal, fair and transparent trade with all of our customers and business connections.
�We do not provide or receive any entertainment or gift that is beyond socially accepted scope, to or from any corporation, organization or individual.
�We compete with our competitors in a positive, effective and fair manner.
�We undertake appropriate accounting procedures in accordance with relevant laws and ordinances and internal rules.

4.Relationship with Employees

�Each of us makes efforts to perform our duties in a responsible and effective manner in accordance with relevant laws and ordinances and internal rules.
�We respect other employees�f personalities, values and privacy and maintain a healthy work environment.

5.Role of Officers

�Officers make efforts to ensure the proper execution of this Code of Conduct and take initiative in managing and providing instructions and improving internal systems. Officers make efforts to investigate into the cause of any violation of this Code of Conduct, clarify the responsible party(s), disclose information relating thereto, and prevent any future occurrence of similar incidents.
�Officers respect personalities, characteristics, willingness and creativity of each employee and maintain a healthy and active work environment.

6.Common Matters

�We eliminate any relationship with any anti-social group or individual.
�We voluntarily and positively deal with environmental issues.
�We take proper risk management measures against any matter that might cause any damage or harm to our company or jeopardize the future of our company, and make efforts to minimize any adverse effects of such risks.